Key Ring App

wp7-keyringYou ever get tired of carrying around all those store loyalty cards? Then this is for you.
The Key Ring app. It’s an awesome little app that lets you store all your store loyalty cards right on your iphone/ipad/ipod or android phone/device. 
I was skeptical at first when my husband showed it to me but then I was at the store and I didn’t have my loyalty card, and he said you should have downloaded the Key Ring app, don’t you just hate it when they are right? When I got home I did download the Key Ring app and loaded all my loyalty cards. I still carry the loyalty cards with me that I use most often but for those that I only use on a occasion and don’t carry with me the Key Ring app is great! 
Now I always have my loyalty cards with me and I don’t have to dig around in my wallet to find them, just a few taps on my phone and bingo I have the card I need, just scan the barcode just like you would your plastic loyalty card, and it’s easy and simple to load your cards to the app. 
Not only does it store all your loyalty cards but you can sign up for new programs right from your device and receive exclusive coupons and offers !! Check it out at Key Ring !!
Oh and by the way did I mention the app is totally FREE !! 
You can read more about it over at Key Ring.
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