swagbuckWhat is Swag Bucks and how does it work? 
Swag Bucks in an online search engine that rewards you for searching online…yes it really is just that simple. It only takes a minute or two to sign up and you will receive 30 Swag Bucks immediately, just for signing up. Once you download the toolbar you will start earning points just by searching the web. 
The Swag Bucks toolbar works just like any other toolbar, when you search for something online you can randomly win Swag Bucks. That’s pretty simple. 
Once you have earned 450 points you can redeem those points for a free Amazon gift card. Or you can accumulate your points and choose from dozens of other prizes. 
If you don’t want to download the toolbar there are other ways to earn Swag Bucks, you can earn Swag Bucks by searching at Swagbucks.com. There is also a “Ways to Earn” section at Swagbucks.com that can help you with ways to ear Swag Bucks. 
One of the easiest ways to earn Swag Bucks is through referrals. You will receive up to 1000 matching Swag Bucks for each person that you refer. So be sure to invite all your friends to join you in the Swag Bucks search. Make sure that when you sign up you click on the “Promote” button and start inviting. 
If you are not a Swag Bucks member you can sign up HERE and let the Swag Bucks start rolling in!!
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