Before my company shut down we used dry cleaning services a lot, I would drop off my husband’s dress clothes on the way to work then pick them up a few days later.  Once I got laid off it was luxury we could no longer indulge in.

We had picked up a really nice iron and ironing board on clearance at Target and it had seen little to no action in the 7 years I had worked, so we dusted it off and began ironing.

I been off work 3 years now and we are still ironing, we used the same iron up till about 6 months ago when my mom gave us a cordless iron made by Oreck (she got it free with her vacuum), it can be used with or without the cord.  It works great so our old iron is on vacation.  You can check out the Oreck iron I use HERE on Amazon.

Here is the breakdown for what we would pay yearly for using a dry cleaning service:

The dry cleaner near our house charges $2.25 per item.

$18.00 Weekly Dry Cleaning Cost for:  4 pairs of pants – 4 dress shirts (Friday is casual day) 

$775.00 Yearly Dry Cleaning Cost for:  45 weeks –  I subtracted 4 weeks vacation time and 3 weeks of casual wear when allowed (on average) and 20 vacation days per year.

By doing our own ironing we save on average $775.00 a year.

Here are a few tips for ironing:

  1. Cover your ironing board with aluminum foil under the ironing board cover.  It cuts down on ironing time.
  2. Use a heavy iron, they get the wrinkles out with less effort.
  3. Use the steam setting, keep your water reservoir full, I use cool distilled water in mine, no one likes yucky hard water build up on their iron.
  4. Keep a spray bottle of water handy, for those stubborn wrinkles.
  5. If you use starch make sure you rinse the nozzle with a little warm water after your done ironing.
  6. Be sure to read the fabric recommendations for the ironing setting best to use for the garment you are ironing.
  7. Iron black and dark garments inside out to avoid getting a sheen on the fabric. (silks and synthetics).
  8. Hang up your clothes immediately, you don’t want to lose your nice creases you’ve just achieved.
  9. Never use circular strokes-it can stretch your fabric.
  10. Enjoy your savings! :)
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