Finding and Printing Coupons

 You can get printable coupons from these links: :) 

Other Places to find coupons:

Inserts ~ coupons that are found inside the Sunday edition of many newspapers. They include: SmartSource, Redplum and Proctor & Gamble. What you receive in your paper varies from week to week and varies by location.

Internet ~ You can print coupons online at several places including:, Redplum, Coupon Network Coupons are updated and/or added each month. On occasion throughout the month new coupons are added , so it’s a good idea to check often for new coupons. Most have a print limit and once that limit is reached the coupon will no longer be available for print. You can print each coupon twice per computer.

All You Magazine ~ All you magazine is available at Walmart or by subscription. It has a wide variety and range of coupons each month. You can also check out their website, for printable coupons.

Peelies~ Coupons that are found on products and you can peel them off and use them when you make your purchase.

Catalinas~ Catalina is the name of the machine that prints coupons when you check out.

Tear Pads~ On occasion you will be in the store and see coupons attached to shelving where you can take one and use it then or save it for later.

Product Packaging ~ You may find coupons attached to product packaging. Sometimes they are on the outside of the package and other times they are on the inside of packaging.

Digital ~You load e-coupons at Cellfire. Also lots of stores are starting to offer e-coupons or text coupons. Kroger, Fry’s, JC Penney’s and, Target are just a few.

Retail Websites ~ A lot of places offer their “own” coupons to be used at their store. Kroger, Fry’s, Target, Walgreens, CVS, Family Dollar and Walmart.

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